Photos by Jeff Evrard

Then & Now: Faces of KC

Then & Now: Faces of KC is a collaborative work between Lauren Thompson and Jeff Evrard. The piece is an optical piece installed on the exterior sides of pickets on a fence. An image is seen on the fence when viewing the fence from an angle. With each installation, there is an opportunity to install two images, each image being seen individually from their respective directions. With two images installed, pedestrians will see one image as they approach the fence, then as they pass the fence, if they look behind them, they will see the second image. This morphing of one image to the next, can be utilized to develop a deeper meaning and connection between the images.
We want to use the juxtaposition of the two images and the transition of one image to another to serve as a symbol of how roles have changed in Kansas City. In the day to day activities of our lives, it can be easy to miss or undervalue the small steps we take towards making our community more inclusive and diverse. We hope that by showing the results of our community’s work, people will stay inspired to continue to engage in the small acts that keep our community growing.


Lauren holds degrees in dance, psychology, and women and gender studies as well as an advanced degree in counseling and guidance. She also has training as a yoga and Pilates instructor and owns a Pilates studio in downtown Kansas City. Her work at her studio is where she combines her knowledge of working with the human body and mind to help her clients achieve an improved sense of health. In addition to her work with her clients, Lauren also uses her studio to work on her choreography. Her choreography often centers around the common human experience and healing movements she has been introduced to through yoga and Pilates. In the past year, Lauren has started to explore the world of public installations. Her work is often interactive and encourages people to connect with their environment.