The Art in the Loop Foundation‘s new ARTwall was installed on Thursday, May 8, the on the south side of the Town Pavilion Garage at 13th & Grand.

The 2014 ARTwall entitled FRESH BREAD  by Sean Starowitz captures a moment in the artist’s community based art project also entitled FRESH BREAD.

In the words of the artist:

To “break bread” has come to symbolize sitting with someone, conversing, and understanding one another. In other words, FRESH BREAD isn’t just about selling fresh bread, but creating and facilitating a space to converse about our city.

FRESH BREAD activates the streets, un-used spaces, and diverse communities by popping up and creating an accessible, inviting environment that audiences can participate in. FRESH BREAD is a project that is a “pop-up” bakery that utilizes abandoned, unused urban spaces and/or vacant lots around the Kansas City metro area.

In KC, there are over 12,000 abandoned properties, and the areas with the highest concentrations of these abandoned properties also happen to be food deserts.  By popping up in some of these areas, FRESH BREAD will draw attention to these problems while putting high-quality bread directly into people’s hands.

Starowitz is a local artist and is the artist-in-residence at the Farm To Market Bread Company who was recently named a 2014 Charlotte Street Foundation Visual Art Award Fellow . He is a 2010 graduate of the Interdisciplinary Arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute and a 2012 Rocket Grant recipient. For more information about the artist, please visit his website:

The ARTwall, a custom-designed billboard structure, designed for super-sized art rather than advertisements provides an opportunity for artist engagement in the revitalization of Downtown Kansas City. The permanent structure exhibits contemporary art produced as large-scale digital prints.

Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency, and with the generous support of Copaken Brooks, LLC.

For more information about the ARTwall or Art in the Loop Foundation, contact Ann Holliday,