Synesthesia is a condition of mixed sensations. The stimulus of one sensory experience involuntarily triggers the reactionary sensation of another sense. This neurological phenomenon is the conceptual basis of this week’s performance.

This Thursday, July 16th in Oppenstein Park from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, singer-songwriter Camry Ivory will be performing and inviting the public to experience the sensational and tactile performance that is Coloratura:

Coloratura: Explorations of Music & Art is a multimedia project that combines visual art and music by converting paint brushes and canvas into a midi controller that can create and manipulate live music. As the paint touches the canvas, musical tones will be emitted, creating a synesthetic experience, stimulating multiple senses at once. Instead of the art inspiring the music or the music inspiring the art, both are created simultaneously. Coloratura encourages audience members to reconsider the intersection of visual and performing arts as well as to participate in the creative process themselves.

Camry Ivory is a singer-songwriter from Kansas City, claiming both sides of the state line as her home.  She is an active performer in the Kansas City musical scene, lending her vocal and piano talents to various musical endeavors ranging from jazz and funk to folk and experimental pop.

Art in the Loop

This is the second performance of the 2015 Art in the Loop project. Our goal is to infuse Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park and the center of Downtown Kansas City with innovative and engaging temporary art that will refresh, intrigue and surprise our audience of Downtown employees, residents, and visitors. Equally important, the project will also create opportunities for local emerging and maturing artists to extend their practice into the Downtown environment with curatorial, professional and logistical support.

The 2015 Art in the Loop Project consists of 11 performances and 9 installations. Performances will take place on Thursdays, July 9 through September 3, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Oppenstein Park and at other locations. Artworks will be installed in mid-July and be in place through September.

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The 2015 Art in the Loop project is presented with the support of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the Missouri Arts Council – a state agency, ArtsKC, the Downtown Council of Kansas City and our generous corporate sponsors.