Join us at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, August 23rd for a group run, part of artist Sarah Star’s 2017 Art in the Loop installation, Run the Town.

Illustrations by Sonya Andrews


Get on your running (or walking) shoes!  Sarah Star has organized a group run, co-sponsored by Kansas City Track Club’s Wednesday Night Run.  Experience Run the Town:  A Civic Trail with your fellow Kansas Citians, starting from the trailhead at The River Market West KC Streetcar stop, on Delaware between 3rd and 5th streets.  You will be guided by turn-by-turn signs along the route featuring colorful illustrations that playfully blend the rich history of our city with its exciting present. You will be cued to explore the public art and architecture in the area as well.  After the run, join the group for dinner at Il Lazzarone (approximately 7:00 p.m.).