Entries by Aidan Powers

Sheri Purpose Hall Performs at the Union Station Streetcar Stop, Saturday September 7 at 7 p.m.

A Wonka-Riffic Trip: Spoken word poet and performer, Sheri Purpose Hall is creating her own rendition of the masterpiece Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The original story enthralled us, the images that Roald Dahl created and the movie interpretations have solidified the fantasy of Willy Wonka’s candy emporium. Now Sheri Purpose Hall is reinventing these […]

Jane Gotch, public² Performance Sat., Aug. 24, 6:15 p.m.

The culmination of the geolocated virtual reality performance, public², is soon approaching. The performance pieces that have insofar only been observed through the captivating VR technology at the Library NB, River Market West, and Union Station Streetcar Stops is emerging out of its digital environment and into the real world. The final public² performance will affirm the […]

UN/TUCK COLLECTIVE Presents TRANS/PORTAL, Saturday, August 17 in Washington Square Park

TRANS/PORTAL is a one time, all-ages, interdisciplinary electronic popup exhibition celebrating LGBTQIA+ electronic music artists and the power of interactive media. The UN/TUCK COLLECTIVE specializes in merging the magical with the mundane, the technological with the natural. The “PORTAL” in TRANS/PORTAL is a gateway, separating the outside world, the “known” environment of Washington Square Park, […]

Streetcar Summer Sounds: Kartez Marcel + Kona Ice, July 25, 5–7 p.m.

Kartez Marcel, a native of Kansas City, Missouri is a recording artist, musician, songwriter and overall creative visionary. Marcel fuses hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and soul. As an artist that challenges the status quo, he seeks to provide the highest quality music, entertainment, and visuals at each performance. Marcel strives to provide lyrical prose and sonically mature material that […]

Summer Sounds Music Series Presents: Braulio Bosi | July 18, 5–7 p.m., Onboard the KC Streetcar

Born in Colatina, Espirito Santo, Brazil, Bráulio Bosi has been playing guitar for 18 years, since the age of 13. Bosi demonstrates skillful musicianship and expert technique, playing pieces of classical guitar that vary in musical quality and culture of origin. Bosi constructs these classical pieces with deftness and precision, exemplifying his mastery of the instrument. This Thursday […]

KC Streetcar Summer Sounds Music Series Continues with The Newkirks – July 11, 5–7 p.m.

The Newkirks are a husband-and-wife, singer-songwriter duo performing original country songs infused with a contemporary flair. Drawing from their experience of small-town mosey and big-city rush, The Newkirks create music built with simple, yet powerful, ingredients: genuine lyrics that speak of heartbreak, sounds that evoke love and triumph, and stories of struggle and success.  This […]

Monarch Butterflies in Downtown Kansas City

Mervin the Monarch Streetcar First comes Mervin and then come the butterflies. Art in the Loop is proud of the continuing work being done with artists Amanda Gehin and Christina Bereolos. The caterpillar streetcar, Mervin, has become an essential part of the Downtown KC family and now he finally has some food. Thanks to a […]

Summer Sounds Music Series Presents: K’Tina | June 27, 5–7 p.m., Onboard the KC Streetcar

Violinist/Vocalist K’Tina (Kay Tina) draws sounds from the jazz and R&B worlds and mixes them a contemporary sophistication. A classically trained violinist, K’Tina’s music builds on a foundation of technique and style with an expressive quality that brings power and emotion to her music performances. Much like her music, K’Tina’s performances are entertaining, skillfully conceptualized, […]

Abuela Performs on the Streetcar | June 28, 11:30–1:30

Abuela is an interactive performance that brings Abuela, a life-sized puppet, to the KC Streetcar.  An elderly, indigenous grandmother from the Andes mountains, Abuela doesn’t speak but communicates with her eyes, her expressions, and her body movements; holding an antique radio that plays her favorite songs in Quechua, her native language.  Come to see this […]