2022 Art in the Loop Call for Artists: Sustainable

The Art in the Loop Foundation (AILF) is in search of artists to bring their creativity to Downtown Kansas City for the  2022 Summer Public Art program (9th Annual).

Through a competitive, open-call process, AILF selects local artists to create temporary, site-specific work along and near the KC Streetcar route in Downtown Kansas City. Your artwork will be viewed by thousands of KC Streetcar riders and Downtowners daily!  Selected artists will receive funds and project support to bring their big ideas alive for a 5-month outdoor program. 

2022 Theme/Prompt: Sustainable

In 2021 Art in the Loop Project explored resiliency. Selected artists explored this theme through their work, allowing us to consider how we rebound, reassess, redirect, and renew. This year we are asking artists to consider the word Sustainable, and the many ways in which it can guide us through this present moment and into our shared futures. 

How do you define sustainability? What are the intersections between public art and sustainability? What does a sustainable Downtown Kansas City look like? How does sustainability impact your art work and art practice, your community, and your city? How can you incorporate sustainable materials, processes, etc., into your practice and design? How can public art intersect with social practice? How can public art encourage sustainability?

For the 2022 Art in the Loop Project, we are looking for artists to respond to these questions and to explore their vision of sustainability. Proposed projects should reflect these questions and ideas in ways that engage and stimulate Kansas City audiences through public art installations. 

Eligibility, Requirements & Schedule:
Professional visual artists, or artist teams, art students, at least 18 years of age residing within 50 miles of Kansas City are eligible. Click here to learn more about the selection process, requirements, and schedule.


To be considered, artists may submit a proposal for ANY of the THREE following categories: 

Please review the details below. You may submit artwork for multiple categories; however, if you are selected, it will be for only one location.

  • KC Streetcar Wrap
  • KC Streetcar Stop (Within the Frame)
  • KC Streetcar Stop (Outside the Frame & Beyond – 3-Dimensional or Social Practice)

To see examples of previous projects, please visit our website.


Artists are invited to wrap one KC Streetcar vehicle with their artwork. If accepted you will be asked to provide a print-ready file at the appropriate dimensions.

One artist/artist team will be selected to wrap one streetcar.

The selected artist will be paid a fee of $2,500 to create the print-ready artwork. Art in the Loop will pay for printing, installing, and removing the artwork.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the KC Streetcar. 

B. KC STREETCAR STOP (Within the Frame)

Artists are invited to propose a 2-dimensional work to be displayed on a KC Streetcar Stop.  Three to four artists will be selected. 

If accepted, you will be asked to provide a print-ready file at the appropriate dimensions.  The display area dimensions are 61.25” x 166.75” for the larger streetcar stop shelters and 58.63” x 83.44” for the smaller streetcar stop shelters. The area for artwork on KC Streetcar shelters is on the back-panel glass. For artwork with more than 50% coverage of the back-panel glass, there must be at least 70% opacity in the graphics and material. That opacity can include a combination of opaque and clear vinyl. The printed graphic may take an organic shape, or fit within the standard dimensions. Artwork does not need to take up the entire back-panel glass. The artwork is not to encroach on the blue frame.

We suggest considering the ambient light at the stops. Please note the artwork will be viewed from both sides of the shelter and should be visually interesting from either view. (Hint: check out the existing artwork at KC Streetcar stops to get ideas.)

Selected artists will be paid a fee of $600. Art in the Loop will pay for printing, installing and removing the artwork.

C. KC Streetcar Stop (Outside the Frame & Beyond, 3-D or Social Practice)

In the vicinity of KC Streetcar Stops 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, installation, and interactive art will be accepted.  Artwork may be applied to the glass, roof, concrete wall or adjacent sidewalk near the streetcar stops. Artwork may also be installed in the area around a KC Streetcar stop; however, provisions must be made for accessibility and safety as well as permission granted by the property owner. Additionally, all artwork must be able to be removed from the streetcar stop or adjacent area.

Proposals based in social practice and/or community engagement are encouraged and will also be accepted.  Social practice, or socially engaged art, includes any art form that directly engages the community in collaboration and social interaction. Social practice works are often co-created with the public, with that collaborative aspect holding equal importance as the artwork itself.

For this category, a brief budget outlining costs to create, install and remove your work will be required.  Please account for incidentals or unexpected costs that may come with the installation of public works. 

You will also be asked to provide a description of your project concept, including media and materials, interpretation of the theme “Sustainability”, preferred site and location, method of execution, participants, artistic intent, and nature of public engagement. 

Selected artists will be paid a fee of $2,500 (includes artist’s time, materials, installation, and removal costs).

How to apply:

Read these guidelines to learn more about eligibility requirements, selection process, criteria, important dates, artist requirements, and support provided by Art in the Loop.

Follow this link to the online application.

Contact Art Director, Kyle Mullins, kylewmullins@gmail.com, or Program Director, Ann Holliday, ann@downtownkc.org with any questions.