2016 Art in the Loop Project – Flyer Available

The 2016 Art in the Loop Project flyer is now available. Click here to download the complete calendar of performances and list of art installations.

The 2016 Art in the Loop Project: Connect infuses the center of Downtown Kansas City with innovative and engaging temporary art that will refresh, intrigue and surprise Downtown employees, residents, and visitors. The project is a curated outdoor exhibition of 10 temporary artworks and 17 performances presented in four locations Downtown:

1) Ilus Davis Park at 11th and Oak;

2) KC Streetcar stops, located along Main Street between 4th Street and Pershing Road;

3) Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park at 12th and Walnut; and

4) Prairie Logic on the Green Roof, 6th floor above Cosentino’s grocery store at 13th and Main.