2014 Art in the Loop Summary

Creative Placemaking Project

The Art in the Loop Foundation’s (AILF) 2014 Downtown Kansas City Street Art/Placemaking Pilot Project infused the sidewalks of Downtown Kansas City with innovative, engaging and temporary art.  The art was intended to have a positive and regenerative effect on the neighborhood while adding interest, intrigue, and an air of surprise to the Downtown experience. AILF collaborated with the Downtown Council, Downtown Community Improvement District and local businesses in this tactical urbanism approach, which focused on implementing short-term actions and pilot projects to test new ideas for placemaking. The pilot project included six two-dimensional installations and six performance art pieces.

The projects were installed and took place in and around Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, 12th & Walnut in Downtown Kansas City. Local performance and video artist Jessica Borusky was the curator for our pilot project.  Click here to download a summary of the project: 2014 Art in the Loop Creative Placemaking Project