Can you find me?!




Have you seen this Stranger out and about Downtown KCMO?
The Stranger is a pretty cool monster, riding the KC Streetcar around, hoping you’ll come hang out.

You never know when or where the Stranger will appear, but they generally ride around on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday’s from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. They like to see the lunchtime crowd, hang out with the kids on summer break, and secretly the Stranger hopes you’ll want to take a picture together. The Stranger comes out on other days as well, they usually attend all the great Art in the Loop events that are going on each week (which you can find out about here), as well as whenever they’re feeling it, so keep your eyes open and on the lookout!

The Stranger also really likes to walk around the Crossroads and the River Market on nice days, saying hello to locals and tourists, checking out the local art scene and encouraging all of you to pay more attention to the vibrant, colorful, and interesting city we live in. If you are interested in having the Stranger come to visit you at work, let us know by sending a message to The Stranger is only a temporary visitor to our illustrious city, but the brains behind this operation, local artist Megan Karson, has other monster friends who I’m sure are just as playful and fun. You can introduce yourself and learn more about this interesting multi-disciplinary artist by checking out her website here.

Helpful hint: You can find out where the Stranger is by checking out Art in the Loop’s Instagram or Facebook page, where the Stranger lets everyone know what streetcar they’re riding.

Instagram and Facebook: @artintheloop, @kcstreetcar, @kcmonstrosity

Waiting for my train

Checking out the local art scene

Having a meeting with ArtsKC