Related imageSo long, farewell, see you next summer!

Come get sentimental with us as we reminisce about all the great art and artists that participated in the 2018 Art in the Loop summer program!

Whether you are a past or current artist, an enthusiastic art-appreciator, or future Art in the Loop hopeful, the closing reception is a great place to share stories, cultivate new ideas, and interact with the local arts community.

The following artists will make presentations during the program:

  • Denise DiPiazzo
  • Annelise Kinney
  • Daniel Rawlings
  • Michael Elwood
  • Stacey Sharpe
  • Bo Hubbard
  • Boi Boy
  • Heather Lowenstein
  • Emily Evans Sloan
  • Amy Kligman
  • Megan Karson
  • Kriss Young Miller
  • Alicen Lundberg
  • Stephen Proski
  • Monica Dixon
  • Daniel Chase
  • Olivia Clanton
  • David Alpert
  • Sunyoung Cheong

The closing reception will take place Tuesday, November 6th from 6p – 8p at the Kansas City Public Library, Central Library, Helzberg Auditorium, 14 W. 10th St. 


Be sure to VOTE before you come to the party!