Abuela Performs on the Streetcar | June 28, 11:30–1:30

Abuela is an interactive performance that brings Abuela, a life-sized puppet, to the KC Streetcar.  An elderly, indigenous grandmother from the Andes mountains, Abuela doesn’t speak but communicates with her eyes, her expressions, and her body movements; holding an antique radio that plays her favorite songs in Quechua, her native language. 

Come to see this Andean grandmother use movement and dance as a form of narrative expression in this rich and poignant performance. Abuela will be a free, live performance onboard the first KC Streetcar that leaves Union Station after 11:30, Friday, June 28.

This improvised performance is a collaboration by Karen Lisondra as the puppeteer, Warren Ludwig, puppet maker (ludstuff.blogspot.com), with live music accompaniment by Amado Espinoza (www.amadoespinoza.com).

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