Performance Date & Location | 816 Day

August 16, 5:30 p.m., City Market

Artist Statement

Music, Poetry and Dance come together in this bi-lingual performance that explores different cultures that co-exist in music, rhythm, songs and spoken word.

I am a bailaora/flamenco dancer. Onstage I become transparent. Each performance I shed my shell, put away my mask and expose what I keep hidden in my corners and most secret passageways. I moved to Sevilla, Spain in 2005 to immerse myself in flamenco and stayed for 14 years. In theaters, studios and on the streets I learned with all my heroes and attended performances both professional and impromptu. Performing onstage in Sevilla taught me how to respond in the moment, without fear and from the heart. And now I share those experiences, creating something new from something known.

The Convivencia of This Performance

Songs and Poems of Convivencia

Is it possible for us to share cultures and traditions? To appreciate a distinct point of view? Can we live together despite our differences? This is what has been at the heart of artistic expression for a long time. Flamenco music and dance is one example. Born from all the cultures that passed through the South of Spain and then further molded by “borrowed” songs from countries like Cuba and Mexico- songs that are called Ida y Vuelta (round trip). 

45° presents a new project with poet José Faus, guitarist and founder of Ensemble Iberica Beau Bledsoe, singer and native of Sevilla, Spain Antonio Rojas and Flamenco dancer/choreographer Melinda Hedgecorth. Songs and Poems of Convivencia is a bilingual concert that mixes art forms and life experiences with a shared rhythm, cadence and understanding. José will recite his poetry which speaks about a lost culture, beautiful traditions and art, Antonio will sing songs from the South of Spain which originated in Cuba and Mexico and Beau and Melinda will accompany them with movement and music. This will be the first time for these 4 artists to come together in one performance with a very special tribute to a concept that is deep in their souls and their art- Convivencia.

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