Through using forms and materials inherent to the downtown environment, his site-responsive installations function as markers of the pedestrian experience.  These installations reflect on the patterns and subtlety of this experience in which Daharsh finds beauty.  Reflections/Casts is a visual installation that focuses on two ways of seeing the downtown experience, through objects and through images that reproduce and sharpen experiences we have on a day-to-day basis in our city.

Moving throughout the corridors: shimmering glances of light meander around bent glass, rushing of feet, shouting of signs, people with a place to go, people with purpose in their strides.  The things we pass: construction site roped off; bent railing, reinstalled; a step in the pavement a little lower than the rest, sunken; another construction site.  These things that we experience, they are all things that we either pay attention to or forget, remember to look at or disregard, what comes to interest Daharsh is, not the paying attention to, but the language that these pedestrian feelings begin to form, one by one, until a symphony is reached where pattern and form become one, and flatness recedes to ever expanding depth.


This installation of objects and photographic prints is featured on the windows of Andrews McMeel Universal  located on Walnut and 12th.


Chris Daharsh received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012, where he studied Painting and Art History.  Since then, he has shown at galleries in Kansas City, Brooklyn, and Chicago and was an Artist in Residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project from 2012–2014.  His work focuses on how we come to form our identities through the commonplace experience.