816 Day
Wednesday, August 16
5:30pm City Market

Project Description
Bing! is a somewhat improvised circus production with audience participation. Audience members get to play a game of BINGO–err, BING in this case–while the cast performs the circus act associated with the randomly drawn BING ball number. Potential acts include a variety of aerial and acrobatic numbers from Circus Scorpius’s repertoire.

BioCircus Scorpius
Founded in late 2021 by Kelsey Aicher, Circus Scorpius redefines circus arts in Kansas City by creating narrative, purposeful shows with some of the top performers in the region. Since the company’s inception, Circus Scorpius has produced five stage shows, all of which have received glowing reviews. Their February show Jovia was streamed live internationally and earned the company praise as “Kansas City’s Cirque du Soleil.” Circus Scorpius wishes to continue to create high-level, meaningful art in KC.

Website | www.circusscorpius.com
Instagram| @circusscorpius
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/CircusScorpius