36/36 Series, Quilt Paintings

This is a four-part series of gouache paintings inspired by the colors and abstract patterns of quilts.

Quilts, both traditional and modern, have been admired as fine art since the 1970’s.  The first museum curated quilt exhibition, titled “Abstract Design in American Quilts” at the Whitney Museum of American Art, cemented the important role of American quilts and textile art.  Here the artist conceptually ties her abstract paintings to key characteristics of pieced quilts, including the emphasis on bold color and  geometric patterns.


KC Streetcar Crossroads Southbound Stop, 20th Street and Main St.


Jessica Rogers is a native of South Florida and received her BFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art & Design. Jessica manipulates her education in traditional textile processes to create unique works of fine art, one of a kind garments, and handmade functional objects. Outside of her personal artwork, Jessica is known as a serial community-preneuer using her background in the arts as a catalyst for connecting people and creating community.

Website: cartwheeljess.com
Instagram: @cartwheeljess