Petticoat on Petticoat Lane

Petticoat on Petticoat Lane provides a moment of whimsical surprise as drivers and pedestrians discover the playful visual illustration of the street sign for Petticoat Lane. This garment is typically worn under dresses and it is often designed to be visible. It gives women’s skirts their desired shape or provides additional warmth. As an undergarment in public view, it acts as a beautiful symbol for the complex merging of the private as well as a public presentation of the self. Visit the artist’s website at


This piece is installed above the street sign for Petticoat Lane at the intersection Petticoat Ln. (11th Street) and Walnut St.


Kati Toivanen grew up in Finland and received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously her site-specific public art has been featured as part of the Avenue of the Arts 2002 and her photographic installation “Commemorating the Everyday, Today” was on view in the City Center Square Post Office windows in 2008-2009. Toivanen received the Charlotte Street Award in 2001. Professor of Studio Art, Toivanen currently also serves as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the College of Arts & Sciences at UMKC.

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