Oppenstein Park Performances
Wednesday, July 12
5:30pm Oppenstein Park

Project Description
“Lyrics are like thread, I am the needle, stitching together stories that stir and kindle. Through heartfelt melodies, life comes alive, a celebration that makes us thrive.

With songs as vessels, emotions take flight, inviting all to join in, day or night. In each verse, a canvas painted with care, Capturing the essence of life’s affair.

Together we sing, sharing the joy we find, Celebrating the human spirit, intertwined. The music weaves a tapestry so grand, Uniting hearts across the vast expanse of land.

So let’s gather ‘round, voices raised in cheer, For the magic of music draws us near, in each lyric, a celebration takes hold. Weaving a bond that’s stronger than gold.

Lyrics are like thread, I am the needle, Connecting souls, celebration life’s sequel. Through the power of song, we harmonize, Embracing the beauty that surrounds our lives.”

Mimi Nichole’s ultimate career goal is to capture the attention of the world one song at a time. With her passion for music and humanity Mimi plans to bring back music with substance, and real truths. She aims to create timeless sounds that forever bask in the vibrations of the universe.

Instagram| @mimi_nichole
Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/artist/3XNvLwTxTg0fGppQ3ISq7p?si=xukafpgTT3ewBvZ96X1rjA