River Market West Stop

KC Streetcar Shelter

Project Description

“Threads of Convivencia: Embracing Diversity through Fiber Art” is a community project centered around interactive streetcar stop installations. Instead of traditional painting, the artist engages in live sewing sessions at designated times, transforming the space into a hub of creativity and conversation. 

At the streetcar stop, the artist sits amidst a collection of clothing sourced from goodwill bins, engaging passersby in the art of mending. Through hands-on demonstrations and discussions, participants learn about the mending process, receive tips for thrifting, and are provided with informational flyers on these topics. 

Adding a unique twist to the project, the artist invites individuals to have their arms photographed, with the images later printed and installed at the streetcar stop. Magnets are utilized to affix the sleeves onto the installation, creating an evolving tapestry of diverse arms within the community. 

During events, participants are encouraged to take down the sleeves and sew on them, fostering a sense of ownership and participation in the artwork. These sessions not only provide opportunities for skill-building in sewing but also offer a tangible way for individuals to contribute to the art itself, reinforcing the theme of interconnectedness and collaboration. 

Through “Threads of Convivencia,” the artist aims to not only celebrate diversity but also to empower individuals with practical skills and a sense of belonging within their community.


Meranda McDermott, a Kansas City sculptor, redefines perception through her interactive sculptures. Using mostly found materials, she explores implied consequences and the history of objects. Her work, sometimes without artist tags, encourages viewers to engage with their surroundings. With a focus on community involvement, Meranda’s art sparks dialogue and connection, bridging gaps between art and everyday life. Often drawing from the ritual of personal gift-giving, her sculptures capture human connection and stories, adding depth to her creations.

Website | merandamcdart.myportfolio.com

Instagram | @asdfghjk_mer