Performance Date & Location | Kick-Off Event

June 12, 5:30 p.m. at Kansas City Public Library Central Library

Artist Statement

Viva La Tinta KC is a celebration of the printmaking legacy – not only contained to fine arts but also as a tool for community building and social progress.

We aim to keep the art of printmaking alive through community engagement and events. For Art in the Loop, we will host a live printing session with the open public making block prints that the audience can participate in. 

The Convivencia of This Performance

Live printing is a hands-on experience that draws the curiosity of folks from all backgrounds. We will supply some premade block designs that can be mixed and overprinted, allowing all participants to make a unique print that is connected by the same parts. The theme of “Convivencia” will emerge through the process of participants mixing their own designs.

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