I am Prepared for Amazing Things to Happen

La Esquina, September 23 – October 29
curated by the Charlotte Street Foundation

Curatorial Construct:

“I don’t want to have to do this living. I just walk around. I want to be swept off my feet, you know? I want my children to have magical powers. I am prepared for amazing things to happen.” -You, Me, and Everyone We Know, 2005

This exhibition presents a collective portrait of an idealized future, formed from the intersection of vision and action. Visionaries imagine and define utopias alongside activists that take risks and actions to make alternate futures possible. Both serve as catalysts that initiate and facilitate a positive change. Parallel universes, magical realism, optimism, and activism coexist to create a space where one can be immersed in the notion of a societal shift. We are creating a space in which amazing things can and do happen.

Submission Process:

Seeking submissions from visual and performing artists of all media and career stages, collaboratives, publications, and writers also welcome to submit or propose programming or projects.

Deadline: June 30th

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