Have you noticed a suspicious lack of blog post emails from Art in the Loop recently? Curious as to why we have not been blowing up your inbox with really cool artwork and free events?  That’s because as fall approaches, our summer art program begins to close.

Therefore, if you have not yet seen with your own two eyes all the fabulous and diverse works of art by local artists that Art in the Loop has had placed around Downtown KC all summer, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!!!! You best get out there and see them before they’re gone!

The Stranger, by Megan Karson, hangs out with Emily Evans-Sloan’s yarn-bomb piece at 4th & Delaware

SlinkyBall by Denise DiPiazzo, located in West Terrace Park for one more week!


Time is running out to find all the words on KC Word Plays! search, located at the KCStreetcar Library SB stop, 9th & Main