Performance Date & Location | Kick-Off Event

June 12, 5:30 p.m. at Kansas City Public Library Central Library

Artist Statement

Alberto Racanati is a contemporary musician originally from Bari, Italy, now established in Kansas City. Active as a freelance trumpet player, producer and educator, he cherishes his musical life in the city through a variety of musical projects. Performing under the moniker “Alber,” Alberto’s music blends jazz, beat culture and electronica, deeply influenced by his connection to the city and his survey of its various musical cultures.

The Convivencia of This Performance

As an immigrant living in the United States, I constantly think about the benefits and the hardships related to the coexistence of so many cultures within the same environment. I believe my music spurs out of “Convivencia” (or Convivenza, in my first language) in the sense that it is the result of countless interactions with the people I have been so lucky to be surrounded by. I seek those feelings and situations that tell me “somehow we have been put here, together in the same place at the same time”, and use those as priceless inspiration for my work. Within my music multiple universes and timelines coexist, and it is my mission to take you there, open your ears and your heart, and coexist in tune with everything and everybody surrounding you at the moment.

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