Alternating Currents

Viewers will be prompted to construct a framework for their connection to our city and this artwork through observation and reconnaissance. Alternating Currents opens a critical investigation of the urban landscape by creating multiple points of intersection. Highlighting the partnership between the pre-existing landscape and fresh installation of the streetcar system. Through the use of vinyl stickers at multiple locations, the artist will insert points of transition. As the streetcar moves through the space, relationships are developed, creating site specificity to each location and the city as a whole. The positioning of the stickers will be discovered through play and observation of the spaces by closely gauging movement and flow of the streetcars and pedestrians. This will allow the public to take responsibility of their surroundings, empowering others to claim spaces as public not private.

Listen to Andrew talk about his work here:


Alternating Currents is be located on the Metro Center, Northbound Streetcar Stop at 12th & Main and on surrounding buildings on Main Street down to 10th Street.


Andrew Lattner is currently working and living in Kansas City, Missouri. He received his BFA in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016. Andrew’s primary focus is site specific installation, social practice and building custom furniture.