Ayllu is the sum of many inter-American parts. The band name, a Quechua word for “family”, is fitting: the group formed a kinship in Kansas City from a shared love for latin folk rock. Ayllu mixes both traditional and contemporary instruments and a range of unique melodies to create a soundscape as diverse as its members. With music that blends passion and instrumental curiosity, Ayllu delves into borderless discovery, an entire world opening up to the few musically bold enough to cross into territories of rock, folk, instrumental, contemporary, and traditional latin music. Ayllu always has a hand on the root of their passion—latin rock—but their reach extends far beyond that, and their emotional versatility creates a feeling that is at once melancholic and uplifting, touching and inspiring, no matter what they play.

Date & Location:

Ayllu will perform at the 2019 Art in the Loop Closing Reception, Wednesday, November 6, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at the Kansas City Public Library, 14 W 10th Street.

website | soundcloud.com/ayllu