Robert Castillo hopes viewers will hold still and think about how we can demonstrate affection and compassion towards one another.  Castillo writes, “the social and political climate today promotes division. Media outlets seem to benefit from sensationalizing the idea that humans are constantly in a state of competition.  Hold aims to counter this construct and create a sense of belonging and unity in our community.”

Castillo’s work is a needed reminder that we share the human experience and that we all enjoy and benefit from the comfort of human connection.  Castillo writes, “may we be inspired to connect with anyone and everyone, as we can never fully know the depth of our effect on another.”


KC Streetcar Power & Light Stop, Northbound, 14th and Main St.


Robert Castillo is a bassist, composer/arranger, and visual artist native to Kansas City. Through various creative mediums he aims to spread positive energy, imbue the world with beauty, and inspire others to become the best version of themselves.

website: www.robertcastillo.art
instagram: @blob_castle