out of sight, but on my mind

Ari Bonner’s image is an imagined representation of what it’s like to connect with someone virtually versus face-to-face.  out of sight, but on my mind begins to personify the relationships we maintain and nurture through digital space. She explains her work is a visual cue that reminds viewers of how disconnected we really are from one another when we are limited to a screen.

Bonner’s work is a timely reminder that “by picking your head up and making eye-contact with someone else waiting on the streetcar, you are making a human connection.”


KC Streetcar Union Station Stop
Pershing and Main St.


Ari Bonner is a queer designer, photographer and educator based in Kansas City, MO. Born and raised in South Mississippi, she moved to Kansas City in 2015 to complete her undergraduate degree at Kansas City Art Institute (Fiber ’19). She has shown work locally at Front/Space and H&R Block ArtSpace as well as at the Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, KY.

website: aribonner.com