So Long and Good Luck

It’s a crisp afternoon and the sun is beaming behind the camera as a group of young cousins and neighbors pose for a photo. Behind them is the railway that borders El Paso and Mexico, and a sign with a final message for those traveling on the tracks– “so long and good luck.”

Artist Megan Ganey found inspiration for this work from a box of negatives that belonged to her great-grandmother Flora.  Much like the City of El Paso and the history it holds as “the pass,” her work can be viewed as the passage of a practice between generations.  This alternative reality not only tethers her to Flora, it encourages the viewer to explore a place between the past and the present.


KC Streetcar River Market West Stop, 4th Street and Main St.


Megan Ganey is a multimedia visual artist living and working in Kansas City, Missouri. Her work involves layering color and images to create surreal representations of interpersonal interactions, reality and identity. Megan earned her BA in Photocommunications from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas in 2011.