Silver Lining is a personal reflection of finding the strength to rise up in the darkest of times. One of the most important aspects of growth and healing is not to remain positive in the hardest times of our lives, but to use those small, shining moments to help us grow and overcome our obstacles. The original drawing is 8ft long and was the first thing I created in 2021, after one of the hardest years for so many people across the United States and the world. To me, she is a symbol of strength and resistance. She represents rising up again after we fall.


KC Streetcar Metro Center Stop, Northbound
12th & Main


Brittany Noriega is an emerging contemporary artist in Kansas City. Her work is narrative and detailed, often focusing on growth and overcoming trauma. She studied studio art and sociology in the Black Hills of South Dakota and is currently studying how the arts affect our bodies and minds.

instagram: bmnoriega