Hope Index

For this Art in the Loop interactive performance, members of the public were invited to share their interpretations and reactions to the original songs of Carswell & Hope, through a unique audience-performer collaboration.
The band devised the Hope Index Chart, that outlined the range of sometimes parallel and sometimes simultaneous emotions, themes and concepts in their music. These range from Hope and Compassion, to Fear and Confusion, to Love and Sadness. As the band performed their original songs, the public was invited to make their mark on the Hope Index Chart that corresponded to their perceptions of the story, message or emotion being portrayed. The result was a piece of art, created in collaboration with audience and performer, and a record of the thoughts and feelings shared by both throughout the performance.

Date and Location

This performance was held on July 30th, in Oppenstein Park located at 12th and Walnut, from 11:30 to 1:30.


From Lawrence, KS, Carswell & Hope bring vintage rock sounds and sensibilities together with big harmonies, killer guitar hooks and rocking tunes. The debut LP ‘A Hunger’ was described as “a collection of wistful and inventive songs cast in various shades of indie pop and chamber pop” by KC Star’s Tim Finn and an “impressive debut . . . an intelligent mix of vintage rock and pop, with an experimental leaning” by Hot Press magazine. Think Van Morrison meets Wilco, and Glen Hansard shows them around town.
Carswell&Hope wall text
Twitter/Instagram: @carswellandhope