Earth Bound

Over decades, the landscape of Kansas City has developed dramatically. With such progress comes drawbacks: we begin to lose touch with what the landscape originally offered. Grass fields become large parking lots, trees are cut down to expand the city, and flowing streams are damned off for highways. As commuters we are always on the go, never looking twice at what is no longer there. We hear, see, and feel chaos in an overcrowded urban environment daily. Earth Bound is a visual reintroduction of landscape to commuters. This landscape was taken while hiking outside of Roswell, NM with my medium format camera. The moving water, rocky but green land, and full white clouds each are balanced at 1/3 of the composition. Printed on vinyl and applied to the North Loop shelter, this image will briefly relieve the commuters of the built environment around them. Commuters are invited to make believe they are immersed in this calm setting. If only for a brief time the shelter will give the viewer the landscape back.


KC Streetcar North Loop Stop, Southbound
7th and Main St.


Amanda K Guerra is a photographer based in Kansas City, MO. She attended Columbia College in Chicago, IL where she studied photography with a focus in architecture and received her B.A. in 2013. Her work explores the relationship between the 3-D concrete metropolis and the generated flat picture plan. She recently participated in a group show at Imagine That! and held a show in Chicago, IL at Gallery No One.

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