North Loop Southbound Stop

KC Streetcar Shelter

Project Description

“How Do You Bloom?” is an interactive Streetcar shelter experience. Kansas City artist, Katrina Revenaugh, invites riders to read the poem on the shelter and to place themselves in any of the shoe prints in front of the shelter — walking to a point that is next to another rider. 

The visual art features street-art ephemera and original photographic drawings of elements referenced in the poem- roots, sunshine, water, seeds, etc. The text of the poem appears on the shelter from both views. The poem speaks to how botanicals and people “bloom” and draws an association between what nature and humans need to exist.  

Each of the shoe prints was hand printed from the soles of shoes Katrina thrifted to represent various sizes and types to emphasize that while we are different, we often arrive at the same place—the way a Streetcar ride unites us in a shared experience.

Participants might be standing back-to-back, side-to-side, or face-to-face. They are encouraged to ask the other rider “How do you bloom?” with the goal of sharing something positive about their day, your life: What sustains them? Who lifts them up? What sparks their creativity? How are they thriving, blooming? 

The experience is a creative navigation of space and, in the spirit of Convivencia, a joint achievement—a celebration of opposing energy. How do you bloom?


Katrina Revenaugh is a photographer, printmaker, and painter. She combines those disciplines to transform the grit and chaos of street art into her own visual language. Her current body of work explores this concept by merging graffiti with botanicals—where blooms and street art ephemera connect in a surprising, beautiful way. 

Website | krmixedmedia.com

Instagram | @krmixedmedia