Crossroads Northbound Stop

KC Streetcar Shelter

Project Description

“K.See. The Good” is designed to celebrate the diverse people and vibrant spirit of Kansas City. At the heart of the design are oversized sunglasses, the lenses left transparent, inviting viewers to interact and celebrate the ‘other side’, encouraging a sense of connection and positivity. Inspired by our past mural projects, we’ve woven together familiar elements to create a cohesive narrative that connects different areas and communities to Kansas City. Each mural experience has allowed us to engage with individuals and become part of their unique community fabric. The central theme of “K.See. The Good” embodies the concept of “Convivencia” — a celebration of coexistence and shared experiences. From iconic landmarks to various patterns and colors, every detail is intentionally crafted to highlight the beauty, individuality, and unity of our city’s collective identity. As “K.See. The Good” comes to life, we invite all who encounter it to pause, interact, and discover the shared narratives that bind us together in this dynamic urban landscape.


ME Original Designs, founded by twin sisters Maggie and Ellie Newlin, is a design team and muralist duo based in Kansas City. Since 2016, we have brought our collaborative vision to life through more than 40 mural projects across the Midwest. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, we gained recognition as featured artists in events like Chalk Talks and Avenue Art Days. Based in Kansas City since 2019 and 2020, we have integrated our passion for art into our professional lives as full-time graphic designers. Additionally, we proudly serve on the board of AIGA KC, contributing to Kansas City’s vibrant creative community. We are committed to fostering meaningful collaborations that elevate the beauty and creativity of our surroundings. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to exploring new artistic horizons and engaging in projects that inspire and enrich the communities we serve.

Website | meoriginaldesigns.com

Instagram | @me.original.designs