I See You

When individuals truly connect, it has little to do with the superficial qualities that distract us in our busy, everyday lives. We connect when we share our ideas, our hopes and dreams.

This KC Streetcar stop just north of 14th and Main displays two figurative portraits that consist of layers of radiating and overlapping text. This work references a series of drawings created from the desire to transcribe consciousness into visual form, specifically as a depiction that is honest, yet not beholden to literal, physical from. The appearance of a figure is the result of layers and layers of text, relayed as free-consciousness thought, or an act of meditation through the repetition of a mantra or other meaningful text.

This illustrates and reminds the viewer of the rich source of the minds in those that surround us, beyond appearance and artifice. Meaningful connection can happen anywhere, even at a public transit stop.

Listen to Rachelle talk about her work here:


I See You is located on the Power & Light Streetcar shelter, Northbound

BioRachelle Gardner-Roe

Rachelle Gardner-Roe is a multi-media artist based in Kansas City. With a degree in interior architecture from Kansas State University, her approach incorporates design, craftsmanship, and material exploration to bridge the conceptual with the sculptural, primarily through experimental lacework. Gardner-Roe has received multiple grants and residencies locally and nationally and most recently was commissioned to create awards to honor feminist artists and organizations in Brooklyn, NY.

Website: www.gardner-roe.com

Facebook: rachellegardnerroe

Instagram: @rachellegardnerroe

Twitter: @RGardnerRoe