KC Word Plays!

How about a game while you wait for the streetcar? Local artists, Alicen Lundberg and Kriss Young Miller, invite you to play with their word search installation. Continue to seek words all along the streetcar route as you ride. Once you arrive at your destination, stretch out the play with a takeaway game sheet and on social media.


KC Streetcar Library Stop, Southbound
9th and Main St.


Alicen Lundberg writes creative nonfiction-vignettes, lyric essays, confessionals-though she doesn’t always (or even usually) tell the truth!

Kriss Young Miller is a self-taught, interdisciplinary artist, and thinks of herself as a polymath. She has worked in community-focused collaborations for the past four decades.

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Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @KCwordplays
Kriss Young Miller Instagram: @tinyfarmstudios
Alicen Lundberg Instagram: @alicenl