Kirstie Lynn and Galen Clark

Closing Reception
Wednesday, November 8
5:30pm Kansas City Public Library Central Branch

Project Description
At the crossroads of Kirstie Lynn’s magnetic voice and Galen Clark’s innovative harmonies comes a rich nostalgia longing for understanding. Nature-inspired poetry and lush stringed accompaniment offer an introspective lens into the familiar contradiction of the trials and triumphs of life. The intimate style of the duo’s performance envelops audiences in dreamlike tapestries spanning tales of melancholy, wanderlust, and memories of time and place.

BioKirstie Lynn and Galen Clark
Kirstie Lynn and Galen Clark are a folk duo presenting a nostalgic and warm sound, blending elements of folk and progressive americana all within an independent framework. The two met while attending Shenandoah Conservatory, Lynn pursuing a degree in Opera and Voice Performance and Clark a degree in Music Production and Recording Technologies, and have remained friends ever since. After a serendipitous reunion in Kansas City back in 2020, these old friends decided to pursue their folk music endeavors together.

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