Life Turning

Life Turning is a lateral zoetrope displaying Kansas City dance and is intended to be viewed by the riders of the Kansas City streetcar. A zoetrope is an animation toy developed prior to film animation. These toys create the illusion of movement through a rapid succession of images. The original zoetrope was designed using a cylindrical device where the viewer is stationary and the images are in motion. Later variations of the zoetrope evolved into the lateral zoetrope where the images become stationary and the viewer is in motion. The lateral zoetrope has been incorporated into the mass transit systems of multiple urban cities. The use of zoetropes in this manner creates a novel and exciting experience for the riders.

Life Turning is the meaning of zoetrope in Greek. These words are a fitting description of the change underway right now in Kansas City, particularly in our downtown core. The objective of Life Turning is to connect the riders to an interactive experience and expose the riders to multiple mediums of artistic expression. In an effort to establish more of a connection with the people and artistic community in Kansas City, Life Turning will utilize video stills of local dancer, Cat Mahari.


Life Turning will be installed on the Main Street Bridge as it crosses I-35/I-70 on the north side of the loop.


Lauren Thompson holds a BFA in dance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She has performed with several groups in the Kansas City area.