Rail < Bike > Rail

Rail < Bike > Rail is a multilayered platform that connects the public to the city, to Kansas City’s new Streetcar, and to an active living lifestyle. The project partners with BikeWalkKC to transform a B-cycle into an interactive sculpture that provides education, exercise, and a public service. The sculpture is a stationary bike that allows users to learn about bike sharing, bike safety, and how cycling intersects with other transit options. Pedaling the sculpture provides active energy to the user and the power to keep the system operational. Thus, the user becomes a visceral component of the work and in turn provides a direct connection to a larger sustainable community. The sculpture extends the reach of the Streetcar deeper into the community by illustrating that many city attractions are less than a 10-minute bike ride from the nearest transit stop.


Rail < Bike > Rail is located at the Library streetcar stop, Southbound.


m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information civic engagements lie at the intersection of middle-class economics, progressive politics, and environmental science. As much public servant as artist, m.o.i. pushes against entrenched institutional and cultural indifference with a practice that crosses many platforms and engages with any number of techniques: performance, printmaking, photography experimental film, and sculpture.

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