Dances & Music of India

Hema Sharma is the artistic director of Nritya, school of Indian dance and music in Overland Park, KS that she founded in 1988. Nritya is a versatile company of dancers who work primarily in the South Indian classical dance style called Bharatha natyam, and folk dances of India. Nritya produces dynamic, captivating programs that appeal to all ages. Dance is the universal language of the world. Dance is a way of expression, an identity. As with most traditions, Dance is different around the world, in every country that you travel to. Certain genres can identify a particular destination, a way of life. As with music, it is highly emotive. Plus, even if you donʼt think you can dance, you probably can. When you hear the rhythm everyone has some kind of connection. My view is to connect with public through dance and music. Usually we perform dances. Demonstrate and teach the public. At the end of the session ask the public to join us to perform what they have learnt that day.