Kick-Off Event
Wednesday, June 21
5:30pm Kansas City Public Library Central Branch

Project Description
The Swallowtails are an acoustic band inspired by the evolution of the butterfly: always reinventing itself and ever-growing. Their performance celebrates growth, transformation, and the beauty of shedding what no longer serves you. These themes are present mostly in their lyrics- an example being “I’ll rise from my roots, stand firm where I was planted, and let all of my fears go.” The Swallowtails are passionate about creating a musical experience for listeners that presents uplifting poetry and singing on a bed of warm, melodic instrumentation.

Miki P and The Swallowtails are an indie acoustic pop/folk group from Kansas City, MO, performing original songs written by Miki P. The Swallowtails are artists committed to creating music that combines a range of emotions drawing from their individual forces of nature. Formed in Kansas City, MO, the trio of musicians performs a mix of rock/pop inspired by the likes of the Punch Brothers, Alanis Morisette, the Lumineers, Fleetwood Mac and more. Coming from an array of unique musical backgrounds such as rock, classical and jazz, have had listener’s describe their sound as “a warm hug” and an “experience where worlds collide.” Members of the band include Miki P on Guitar/Vocals, Rachel Lovelace on Bassoon/Vocals, Adee Dancy on Cello/Vocals.

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