Streetcar Reveal
Wednesday, June 21
11 am Union Station

Project Description
To encode means to convert into a particular form. In the name, encodetherobot, it means to make understandable, converting the unknown into the known and ignorance into experience. I am the robot, and I want to ask from outside of my humanity what it means to love or doubt, to seek vengeance or hedonism, to have a healing touch or a harmful one. encode as a project is about exploration of what it means to be; in all its beauty, in all its ugliness.

This project started in 2009, and back then it really focused on experimentation. At the time, I really didn’t understand the tools at my disposal. So, I got familiar with them through trial and error. I spent hours on end deep in the trenches of cracked versions of digital audio workspaces, combining components just to see what reacted. Early on, I used that experimental process to put together “albums.”. I had an ambition back then that I still carry with me today, albeit with a matured intentionality guiding it now. Those first albums have been decidedly annihilated. At some point, after playing in the shallow water you begin to notice how far and deep the ocean can get. It suddenly becomes clear that these tools can take you to depths you’ve never imagined.

Xavier is a hyper-focused and goal oriented creative, specializing in aural arts through instrumental performance, composition, sound design, and writing. Evoking pragmatic versatility, Xavier utilizes a wide range of resources and knowledge to pursue
and achieve success.

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