Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines

Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. This KC Streetcar shelter is filled with colorful patterns intended to transform sunlight into a therapeutic space for urban travelers.  Enjoy your time before your KC Streetcar arrives in a calming space, while artist Nazanin Amiri Meers refocuses your attention away from a stressful workday toward the healing and relaxing light.


KC Streetcar Kauffman Center Southbound Stop, 17th Street and Main St.


Immigrating to the United States in 2014 and earning an MFA in Fiber Arts at the University of Kansas was a turning point in the Iranian artist, Nazanin Amiri Meers’s life. She currently is an artist in residence in the Charlotte Street Foundation [Kansas City, Missouri], making large scale installations and multimedia 2D work, combining various techniques and media to address the importance of privacy and quietude in public spaces.

Instagram: Nazfiberart