The project “Intersections” investigates the qualities between the colorful geometric drawings by Rickey and the cool, rigid palette of the cityscape. The bright and eccentric colors in the vinyl images placed on the Streetcar Shelter will create a bold focal point against the grays and dark silhouettes of the surrounding area.

Imagine That! is an innovative and creative arts studio for adults with developmental disabilities located in the Crossroads Arts District. We aim to provide individuals who participate with the tools and materials to create art and the supports to define themselves as artists. The studio’s clients are supported by a team of trained artists that strive to integrate the studio into the larger art community locally, nationally, and internationally.

This year’s theme of Connect is particularly relevant to our cause here, in the promotion of our artists’ work and our continual efforts to connect our community to those of Kansas City, the art community, and to individuals abroad. Having the opportunity to install artwork alongside other talented local artists will showcase the quality of the work made here and bring new people to connect the population we serve in ways that may never have happened otherwise.

Click here to listen to staff from Imagine That! discuss Rickey’s work:


“Intersections” is installed at the Kauffman Center Streetcar Stop, Southbound.


Rickey’s art and designs are reminiscent of patterns found in tapestries. Using mostly inks on paper, he creates dynamic compositions sometimes drawing connections to his interests in tattoos, biker culture, and Native American design. He shows a strong attention to positive and negative space, color interaction, and color theory. Rickey is prolific in making his drawings, and since his arrival at Imagine That! in 2012, he has made hundreds of designs and has shown work in multiple venues throughout the Kansas City area.


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