Run the Town: A Civic Trail

Run the Town: A Civic Trail is a 4 mile mapped running or walking trail that begins and ends at the River Market West Streetcar stop. It’s designed to take the pedestrian on an adventure through some of the original Town of Kansas. The looped course starts near the Missouri River, climbs Quality Hill, explores a portion of the new KC Streetcar line, and tours the entertainment, financial, and federal districts visible along Grand Boulevard.

The main trailhead is located at the River Market West KC Streetcar stop, and pedestrians will also be guided by turn-by-turn signs along the route featuring colorful illustrations that playfully blend the area’s rich history with its exciting present. Participants will be cued to explore the public art and architecture that exists in the area, as well as invoke interest in the expansive history of the Town.

This summer-long experience will include several organized group runs.  The schedule can be found below:

Group Runs: (meet at the River Market West Streetcar stop, on Delaware between 3rd and 5th Streets)

May 26:  6:30 am

Aug 23rd:  6:00 pm

Sept 29:  6:30 am


Sarah Star is a conceptual performance artist and a Kansas City, MO native. Her work is inspired by her desire to interrupt the viewer’s expectations, and open a dialogue using playful and non-traditional visual components. Running became a hobby in 2013 and has blended into her practice in 2017.

ig:  @kcbabybrie