Running  Idle

Running Idle consists of thirteen animations of the human form performing a variety of idle actions displayed in the kiosk at various streetcar stops.

Many of the actions performed in Running Idle are analogous to the nature of transit. The figure is shown static, as if waiting for the streetcar, or more mobile and playful, imitating the feeling of being on the streetcar, anticipating your destination. This piece has the potential to engage the viewer while they wait for a ride, by allowing the opportunity to imitate the action on the kiosk. Audio created from found noises accompany the animation and conduct their flow similar to how accessible pedestrian signals choreograph urban foot traffic.


Videos play on KCity Post Kiosks located at KC Streetcar Stops.


Daniel Chase is a writer and visual artist living in Kansas City, Missouri. He completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a double major in Painting and Creative Writing from KCAI in 2016, where he currently serves as a faculty member. He primarily works with hand-painted animation and projection within public spaces as a method to create immersive experiences.

instagram: @daniel_e_chase