Simon Fink

People often ask me, “What connects your songwriting and your “classical” concert music? These two creative modes operated in totally separate spheres for me until I re-discovered the 19th-century art song genre several years ago. Here was a form, firmly entrenched in the classical tradition, of three-minute songs: a voice, chordal accompaniment, lyrics often about love, an unfussy evocation of the “folk.” Surprisingly, this music at its core possessed something remarkably similar to what I grew up admiring in my parents’ record collection of 60’s and 70’s folk songwriters. In looking back at all of these traditions, I am less interested in what is past than what is enduring: a timelessness, a sense of presence, a selfless dignity that I try to touch in all my work.

Date & Location

West Terrace Park, 8th & Pennsylvania
Wednesday, June 20, 12-1pm


Simon Fink is a composer and songwriter who holds his Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Chicago. He enjoys exploring a variety of musical genres from Americana to electronic.