Wanting to make photography more interactive, Angie Jennings uses augmented reality (AR) to bring her photography to life using video. Streetcar Zen gives people the ability to take a moment and view the world through the photographer’s lens. She created the trigger image and the embedded video then imported it to a rendering software to create the final works.

To access the augmented reality, download the Zappar app then zap (scan) and view. Move in for a closer look. Should the video “unstick” the viewer, back up a little to “re-stick” the image. When they make the first scan and it comes to life, the amazement and thrill become well worth the effort.


KC Streetcar, River Market West Stop
4th and Delaware St.


Angie Jennings has been doing photography for over 30 years. She tells stories within a series or a single image utilizing her skill as a street and documentary photographer. She has exhibited extensively locally, nationally and internationally.

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