S.P.O.G.G. (Shiny Piece of Giant Ginger)

Inspiration for art can be found in unexpected places – including the grocery store.  The title of this stainless-steel sculpture reveals the artist’s muse – ginger root.  Ginger is a flowering plant whose edible rhizome are widely used as a spice and in folk medicine.  Vannerson was drawn to the root for its baroque sculptural form and its evocative, subterranean structures that speak to a process of incremental growth and replication hidden by dirt and time.  The artist hopes this playful sculpture will spark your imagination – what does S.P.O.G.G. say to you?


KC Streetcar City Market North Stop
3rd Street & Walnut


Will Vannerson is a metal sculptor, public artist, amateur luthier and self-identified ‘bicycle traffic.’ His studio practice is characterized by the cultivation of incrementally developing organic forms.  By slowly transforming sheet metal into sculptures he reveals his affinity for softness and growing things.  Vannerson has been awarded residencies nationally and internationally, and was a guest artist at an international sculpture symposium in China in 2019.  He is currently showing his outdoor work in cities across the country.