Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has released a study stating that 40% of U.S. adults and 75% of U.S. teenagers are struggling with mental illness ( The design for this project, partnered with the guided meditation session, is meant to promote peace, teach people how to breathe through anxiety, and help to cope with the stresses of everyday life –  especially during a global pandemic. 

This project will provide the community with the opportunity to reflect and self-discovery, just like the therapy of painting does for me. This project is for everyday people walking down the street or waiting for the streetcar; for the people who are afraid to admit that they struggle with mental illness as well as those that have stress or anxiety due to the pandemic but don’t necessarily know how to cope. With this project, I believe the community can have the opportunity to relive some of their stress and hopefully the practice of meditation is something they will take away with them.


KC Streetcar Library Stop, Northbound

9th & Main


Allison Bowman is an oil and acrylic painter who creates abstracted botanical environments called Sacred Spaces. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art she moved with her husband to Olathe, KS. Bowman currently works as the Administrative Assistant for the Arts Council of Johnson County and teaches art classes at the Johnson County Art and Heritage Center in Overland Park.