Artist Neil Goss to Demonstrate Mayan Weaving Method

Nationally known artist Neil Goss will present a demonstration of backstrap weaving at noon on Friday, July 29th ; the demonstration will be in Ilus Davis Park, 11th and Oak. This presentation coincides with Art in the Park, an outdoor exhibit of several artworks, including Goss’s Hempen Support: Vines of Passion.

Backstrap weaving is a method of weaving used for over 5000 years by indigenous people in Central and South America and the Philippines. In this method, parallel sticks hold the loom’s vertical base in place, with one end attached to a tree or post and the other wrapped around the back of the weaver’s body. Backstrap weaving is the method by which Goss created the work that is part of this year’s Art in the Park exhibit. The method is ever-popular, and people travel to Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru for vacation workshops.