Art in the Loop 2019 Has Kicked Off!

To kick off the exciting and riveting 2019 Art in the Loop project: Make/Believe, many joined together in an opening reception to introduce this year’s talented artists, musicians, and performers. The Kick-Off event took place on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at 6:00 pm at the Kansas City Public Library.

Art in the Loop Program Director, Ann Holliday and Artistic Director, Bo Hubbard presented to the public this year’s 15 brilliant selected artists and their fascinating works that will be on display all summer long in Washington Square Park, along the KC Streetcar route, and throughout the Downtown area. Also presenting at the event was Tony Jones CBE, the Nerman Family President of Kansas City Art Institute. His talk highlighted the function and role of art in our communities with heed to the developing programming of KCAI and Art in the Loop.

The defining moment of this event was the moving performance by dancers, Tristian Griffin and James “SugEasy” Singleton. Their performance entitled When Two Worlds Meet united aspects of contemporary ballet and hip-hop dance to create an interesting and unique production that engaged and even moved some of the audience members.

James “SugEasy” Singleton & Tristian Griffin

Following the dance, the audience had the chance to talk with the performers and ask them about their process, experience, and expectations of their performance. When asked what was the main takeaway that they wanted the audience to receive from their performance, James stated “To reach, teach, and share this experience with someone else.” As part of the Make/Believe theme for Art in the Loop 2019, the elements of this performance have educated, inspired, and motivated people of all ages and capabilities to celebrate the cultural and artistic excitement within Downtown Kansas City. 


Art in the Loop is expecting 2019 to be one of the most exciting summers for art in Kansas City and we hope you will join us in all our events to come this summer. To learn more about the artists and the Art in the Loop Foundation, go to


For more information about the project, the artists and performance schedule visit,, or

Click here to download the 2019 Art in the Loop Borchure and Map.

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  1. Sydney
    Sydney says:

    Great article! I enjoyed the kick off celebration, and am excited for the Make/Believe project. The dance performance was excellent! I look forward to attending more events hosted by Art in the Loop!

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